About WooMeMyth

I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.

– Joseph Campbell

Woo Me Myth looks to create for audiences the experience of being alive. It is an eclectic rock band and a virtuosic dance troupe merged into one. Each performer creates together the sonic and physical landscape for every creation. The company delivers evocative and imaginative live performances that blend together contemporary dance, live rock/electronic/folk music, and mythology. The Hour accurately describes it as “A newly concocted theatrical universe.” Mythology portrays timeless tales of human trials and tribulations as well as hope and inspiration for the greatest of human potentials. Strip away the details of a performance and what are left are archetypes of experience: approaching, withdrawing, nurturing, retreating, contemplating, swooning, maturing, inciting, wooing. Each has its expression in the limbs, eyes, and hands. Each has its voice in song and incantation. Calling these archetypes into existence is Woo Me Myth’s artistic practice.

Long time collaborators musician Ted Strauss and dancer Jenn Doan merged their unique forces together to form Woo Me Myth after co-creating The Duck Wife, a dance rock opera based on an Inuit folk-tale. In 2010, the show toured to four Fringe Festivals across Canada with much audience acclaim and winning several awards along the way. The Montreal Gazette reviews “ The Duck Wife is a revelation.” In 2011, the two creators envisioned the next dance rock opera masterpiece through the world of science fiction. Faire en huit, a sci-fi dance rock is both electric and fantastical. Woo Me Myth will once again take audiences on a journey inside the cosmic soup of the universe as one character is catapulted across the galaxy to find herself searching for the meaning of humanity and faith.

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